Metal Creations

by Steve Brown

Wall Sculpture       Furniture       Custom Designs

Convert your favorite landscape photo into metal art!


Recent Teton commission.  This photo provided by the client was transferred to a landscape piece with layers of metal on a brushed aluminum background.  You can choose any size for your commission at a cost of $1 per square inch. 

Available Work

New!  Aspen Trees (No Background)

  14"x 28" -  $325
  22"x42"  -  $435 (shown below)
  Custom sizes welcome. 

Aluminum Aspen Trees   $375
Size: 26" Tall x 17" Wide


Metal Fossils
Steel in cast aluminum.  Comes with a stand or can be hung on a wall.
Buy now while prices are low. 

     Perch  $145 
       Size is 16" x 7", weight 6 lbs.

Aspen Leaves (set of 3)  $545 
Typical leaf size is 20"-24" in diameter, 3'x4' for set.  Custom sizes welcome.


Installation for a client in Evergreen, CO.  August 2011.

Angelfish (set of 3)
Typical Size:  
            20" x 16" Large Angel
            24 "H x 36" W for Set
            Weight: 7lbs total
Great for Stairways!

Trout (set of 3)   $345
                      Typical Size:  
                              24"x8" Large Trout
                              24"H x 45"W for Set
                              Total Weight: 7lbs


Reef Scene $335
Size 30" x 24"
        Weight 9lbs


Mountain Scene $335
Size 24" x 14"
        Weight 8lbs
        Custom Sizes available at $1 per square inch.

Desert Landscape  $350
Size 28 x 14"
Weight 12lbs
Custom sizes available at $1 per square inch.

Aspen Forest   $860

Size: 21" x 41", 18lbs.
Custom sizes available at $1.1 per square inch.


Metal aspen trees formed to give 3-D relief.  Brushed aluminum background creates brilliant airy relfection in various lighting environments.  Custom sizes available for commission.

Recent Commission Work 

Mountain Landscape
Installed in a Lafeyette, CO residence in September 2011.
The peice measures 3'H x 5'W.

Metal elements in brushed aluminum background.  Mountains are embossed steel and cooper sheet metal.  Size 16" x 30", 8 lbs. 

Copper Mountain Landscape
Steel elements on brushed aluminum background.  Size 32" x 16", 10lbs.

Angel Sculpture
Cast alluminum with embedded steel letters, embossed sheet metal wings.  Height is 14".

Installed in a home in Greenwood Village, CO. October 2010. Buffed aluminum background with steel fish and coral. (see "Story of Reefscape" page for details)

 Upcoming 2015 Shows:

 High Peaks Art Festival  June 28-29
    Downtown Nederand, CO 
        Saturday, 10
am to 5pm
        Sunday, 10am to 4pm

  - Lake Dillon Art Festival, July 17-19
    Downtown Dillon, CO 
        Friday, 9
am to 5pm
Saturday, 10am to 5pm
        Sunday, 11am to 4pm

Hope to see you this summer!

  • No risk, money back guarantee on all purchases.
  • Call or email for free home showing in Denver-metro area.
  • Work now available for view and sale at the following galleries:

        Grace Gallery               877 Sante Fe Drive, Denver CO

Check back regularly for new work.

Phone: 303-248-4188

Delivery Options

  • Free delivery and installation in Denver-metro area for orders over $300.
  • Standard UPS


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